The New Time, with The Gods working openly or in a continued hidden presence, will mean that Reality is opened for humanity again and thereby hinder all pitifully limited and defect “world views” that gave the meaningless and wrongful “opinions” that this world has been forced to carry as an infected animal-host.


The outcast scum, that is to say the lured to become non-Tru to our Gods, right now “live” on false and wrongful “ideological” emptiness made to drag down the receivers furthest down. Twisted and laughable claims about The Gods; this our world’s source and our history, as well as regarding the other worlds’ realities, are spread since long ago openly against our world in propaganda mistaken for being “knowledge and research”… The foe has at the moment forced several to unknowingly act in accordance with their tearing down and murdering activities; all the while the foes’ illegal and misanthropic scribblings unbelievably still are allowed to continue being a killing weapon against this world. In their dying outside the Gods’ protection searches the brainwashed involuntary after to get used; to be used and outcast with the highest unlikely dumbness and powerlessness that is imaginable in salary. And they do not even understand how this is done… That the occurring War of all Wars, inside and against every human being, has brought forth the most revolting acts of cruelty the foe has forced in to be feasible has since old been made to a “normality” and have given access for the foe, as well as the peoples most rotten dregs as the foe’s tools; in to the false “royal houses”, the false “governments”, prostituted media, and everywhere they absolutely shouldn’t be or should be placed in any leading position.

The Gods are of course forced to deny the fooled and raped to attain a higher life here; or in any higher world. This is our foe’s dearest boon: That the shaped into so revolting and defect that their existences become so completely futile that they almost are equal to our world’s foes. (That the foe blames Allfather himself for their ill-deeds show with an overtly clear clarity what an outrage the fooled and dragged outside the Gods protection are suffering under. The case is too encompassing to directly be able to take into consciousness for most caught inside the Illusions snare and thereafter immediately act on with full force against our foes; this disregarding that the War is very easy to understand. “They do not want it to be true:,” has it been said. It is sadly true.)


The Cleansing here in Midgard will happen quickly when the insights regarding realities in this world have shown themselves. This will immediately enable a fully functional normal and healthy working consciousness; which will show what humanity actually is in its inner self; this for the first time in around eight hundred years in a global setting. The basic insight that The Gods are the only lifeline to Life in The New Time will be sufficient to reach a lifeline to normal freedom. Start there. Now.

Humanity has met The Gods and their might dozens of times in this our world. All honourable Folk and well-known higher cultures in all our parts of the world are the work of the Aesir. In the War and Knowledge the Folk knew what they themselves were and that they owned their own lives: Viet functioned according to Life’s highest rules and its own fate. Folk was in other words fully worthy beings.

Our now remaining foes work with that in every possible way to cover up Reality. All important questions and initially plain and clear answers from The Gods have since long been misused by the foe to sheep in harmful nonsense in our world with the purpose to counteract The Gods might and kill our Folk. This is the reality we all still know of to happen right inside our own daily life: The foe has deformed this world and under the foes control all higher life are denied to exist in the mind: The results are of course misshapen beings that only vaguely suspect that something is very wrong in this world.


The foes’ plan is the pitiful Illusion that has its seeming escape-plan with words for different sorts of imaginable explaining away from their enormous guilt to The Gods, humanity, and not least Life itself. In falsehood cries the foe over that their weapons with diversely spread out and completely defect “monotheisms”, deluded “ideologies” and other parts of the junk-culture has been “misinterpreted” by humanity’s apparently close to incomprehensible dumbness that submits that the foes thereby stand without all guilt for the millions of excesses and murders our world received during thousands of years. Think of how lacking in might they have been and are… All the repeated failures…

Their “kind deeds” with the unquestionable unimaginable inner poverty in thought and knowledge; with all that this will mean in its resulted effects, have hindered this world’s progression and set forth hindrance for all real gladness, clean love and freedom. At all times the foes crawl forward with words instead of openly and honestly having the strength to acknowledge that they have controlled, manipulated and shaped large parts of humanity to the lowest, the most ignorant and worthless beings that has ever existed. An open admittance would of course make impossible all vestiges to any kind of might in this world. With threats paired with empty promises that are still spread around and false “love-messages”… Empty promising some kind of “rescue” away from our Gods…
All that the foes do are against this our world and their hatred is strong. The feeble-mindedness has become so widespread that the delusional find the foes’ filth to be “goodness”, and the reading abilities are apparently far more than deficient. The foe brags clandestinely about what is hidden in words regarding their evil deeds and take sadly a total control over many that un-knowingly carry out their wanted attacks. This is a warning to carefully listen to: The purpose of their presence in our world is to force The Gods to judge the formed into perverted away from all high and Life itself.

Why wasn’t this incomprehensible nightmare for humanity hindered? We have tried, but dumbness and brainwash in combination is hard to cure. Now it is forced to initiate with highest possible clarity as our weapon: All are enlightened regarding the Gods’ existence from childhood in all countries in this world. It is only You yourself that will free our world with a solid Knowledge. The one who does not understand the significance in this is dead for all future.

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