In some of the other worlds exists one for us not fully differential; but it is a far higher arranged life than in this world. The reasons thereof are innumerable: Knowledge regarding the Mights is obviousness. Honour is the kind law. The beings have trained up their higher abilities. Truly good differences remain clear to bring forth, but there are no threatening and parasitic differences inside the other farmed and cultivated planets. Most of these cultivated worlds in the Universe are somewhat “enlightened” and are lavishly rich and interesting. Thereby is there naught reason for the War, which for a short period of time will remain here in this world. The War has its cause in a widespread lack of knowledge regarding the ownership of our world and that our foe wants tries to conquer it. (When it comes to the less highly developed worlds then yours truly has been there too little time to give a responsible judgement. But, that they are lower is clear.)

Midgard shall be cleansed and raised to a normal high-cultural level. More than that is not demanded of this world for a start.


Of course in some worlds there are beings with pitifulness in their character. These have lowness in them as an imagined will to grant themselves a higher status than what is attainable for them, all the while feelings of emptiness, fake love and meaninglessness are fed onward to enviousness and hatred against others owned gladness and freedom. The insight regarding their own insufficiencies and the strikingly obvious failure in The Grander Life lead forward to an incurable inner depression. These pitiful also harbour a hopeless longing for something higher and search after to extinct the very existence of freedom, cleanliness, rights, honour, beauty and gladness. Worthlessness, ugliness and filth become in their equation to an equality made free from born within or trained up differences in all values. (Of course are their illusions a mere weapon to use, so that they can clearly be seen as our foes. That their ideologies are wrong and harmful to us is naturally no concern for them.)

Obviously no one can automatically become higher and cleansed by just coming into a higher world as all own might in its sole shape of force and Knowledge must be built up by the self. But in the higher worlds there is a direct consciousness regarding the Truth about Life; about the Worlds and the Gods, as a present and awake reality to live inside.

Life in a really higher world resembles in practice, by highest natural reasons, The Gods’ times that have been given this world. Much Knowledge and Gladness are to share and long live in, and a kinship that is unbeatable gives Life its fully worthy beings.

(There is plenty to tell regarding the other worlds except this. But I wish myself not in any way work against that gladness in discovery for a new finder, or what one returning to home can take in there for several years with cherished reunions. One could also spend considerable time just seeing the animals and plants there, as yours truly have done, and other differences in nature’s life.)


What has most value? A cultivated world, or a wasteland?
A lot of Knowledge in The Culture in the shape of written signs, crafts, inventions and thoughts are left by The Aesir to their own children; for humanity would otherwise doubtlessly been wasted. The Gods and some members of humanity have paid with suffering and hardworking intelligence for new progress in inventions and the sciences for thousands of years in this world. Almost everything this world now lives on has a few well-known and shaping roots among The Aesir and their descendants. The most advanced gifts and discoveries are not yet circulating in any of our societies.

Sadly others live, the unwanted existences, all too good with stealing thoughts and use resources from our gathered God-cultures higher products since long ago. This Knowledge has been moved back through time to other worlds. These thefts and the unwanted usage have been able to continue as this world is set out of balance and partly trapped down in our foes parasitic hands. The reward for the hard work and innovations during thousands of years is that humanity has been told by the foe, through their hidden channels, that Viet themselves cannot or have not shaped anything of their own value. This is the foes’ intelligence in its core and highlight for its self-defenses; to just turn with words what we do know about their “abilities”. But we have sadly shaped much in their technology and other things, so the dumbness is forced upon ourselves.

Truth is that much here comes from The Gods:, The Aesir, but that some humans has shaped much useful that was unknown in the Universe before is impressive. (That our foe in later periods of time have manipulated forth a seeming goodwill for this world’s progression is due to the fact that it was already unavoidably to manifest itself in our world through us. This will not be to their advantage. Not either that the persistent forging of history will hand the foes any honour or right and will further be able to continue spread as if that could be a reality.)
That this world has its “own progression” is a law that are often broken as the borders are somewhat shadowy between the worlds. Clear enough?
That the “progression” here in Midgard has been, and is, hindered by our foes, amongst other things:, with foretelling is more than well-known and this shall not anymore be blamed on any “inherited and born within” dumbness in humanity when this in fact have been about that humans born with goodness and goodwill has cruelly been used. It is ludicrous that we can meet these foe-beings to our world, often with dressed-up greatness and acted superiority… Never believe in your own spoken of inferiority from the foes, or your own superiority, least without any real reasons thereof: Be yourself and fight for yourself. Remember what happened with the Giants and note who ended their time here. Now these are left in mere decimated numbers in their lower world. There are yet some few unwanted beings left in this world to remove, so the time for loved deeds and healthy justice is soon here again.


Avoidance of conflicts and problems has become a deadly dumbness. Humanity, at least the awake and healthier part, is close to superior in intellectual thinking and have valuable emotional experiences when freed from outer threatening influences; in comparisons with many other beings in the Universe that often are too stiff and cold. On the other hand humanity is gladly inferior in comparison with several beings when it comes to cold scheming and heartless intelligence. We needn’t worry about being alike these animalistic automatics when we follow what is right and by The Gods’ traditions, or that our valuable inner oddities will shape anything “perfect” and thereby hinder many in lust for a further development in life. Our inner is much different from the foes gaping emptiness, for they live on words and to create emotional ties like outcast beggars acting in kindness ― before they continue with their robbery and murder.

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