Suffering and death come from what you don’t know.

Know this: The foes have systematically broken down our world and eagerly striven to work against The Gods might and rights. The Aesir’s remaining heritage has in all times been The Culture and a higher humanity, but this costly heritage has in this world hard been fought against and have thereby not been able to hold all of this world cleansed and united; in a healthy and fully good life in the War of all Wars.

The life-giving Culture is humanity’s inheritance and is found in all Folk and parts of the world under different names: This is our plight and right to live.


The foe has in the War of all Wars acted with horrifying, for every sane being completely unthinkable, inner and outer defilements against millions of beings in our owned world and this is happening in the highest degree in all filthy societies and often so openly that it seems invisible for the most naïve and ignorant. Rules that once were set in the War are apparently not working in the present where many don’t even realize that “information” can be misused in the false light of “freedom” and think that they are intelligent enough to outwit the foes propaganda without The Knowledge…

Truth is that our foes manipulating attacks in the War lead with cold calculation onward to several genocides and revolting crimes which they wish to lead on is for their “self-defense” as well as other nonsense down there in The Illusion: The false and loathed “monotheistic-ideology system” that parasite on our countries in this world; traps the ability to think into meaninglessness with a slaying passivity or active self-degrading and sucks out all it comes near. Thereafter comes a ruthless shaping of inner and outer defects with harsh usage of the naïve ignorance.

Current and over-explicit are among other things the well-known nonsense-conflicts aimed towards the rotting “Western world” with many terror attacks and crimes where the underlying cause is to get Folk around the rotting “Middle east”; where several in The Middle-period has had their lives thoroughly defiled in the foes Illusion and are set in pitifulness, poverty and tragic retardation, killed before these get enlightenment and their right and real Gods and can be rehabilitated to be worthy humans. The foes’ profit from this and other terrorism against our world is that the Folk are torn down; killed or forcibly moved, and can thereafter with ease be used as the foes’ weapon against other Folk and thereby are these used Folk beaten down. Just like that practice those without honour their unmanly acts of warfare.

The War is about the rightful might and is equaled with the “cultural murder” against The Gods and humanity lives in The Culture which encompass that they who lost “the warrior culture” have been shaped to unmanliness and dumbness, our Gods traditions have been counteracted and “taken over” with words and are shaping perversions, in large has the Knowledge close to been crushed in large parts in our world and survival itself has been passivated to a suffering suicide.

Viet will always hinder that the foes’ practice and spread their inner and outer filth against our world and force the thrall-bound to become their weapons. It is in whole an unimaginable and extreme suffering that sadly still reach to and scorn many millions of people every day, in every moment, without that these even have enough of sense left in them to be able to realize this; as it is hurtful for their false self-esteem and would disqualify their defect “choices in life” and ridiculous “world views”; that should take a few days to clean out if they woke up and started to think for themselves. But instead these suffer hard in meaninglessness and self-torture and await their fate worse than death for their whole lives instead of being normal and live in the truth regarding their self and reach up to Life. Fact is that these fooled; this world’s forced to be deranged and perverted, follow after what they by the foe been lured into is highest and that they also have some kind of unpayable guilt to our foe, and alike groundlessness that are too dumb to wish to discuss.

As well is the fact that our foes’ filthy fake-religion-ideologies; that nourish the scum’s false hope with a scornful comfort, has by the foe arranged a temporary and weak protection under “freedom of religion” and likewise nonsense, instead of rightfully be forbidden too early. We know that the foes’ thralls have the psychological egoistical “gain” in that they have been fooled that they are set above as they are bought in the lie about that they will manage to survive and live on in another world after the War of all Wars; and this unfathomably enough regardless how wrong, pitiful and filthy the foes’ defect sect-training is, and accordingly they themselves in Reality are…

Anyone who gives our foes any kind of support take part in their collective fake-identities and has thereby part in the responsibility for the already committed and presently occurring genocides against humanity and all of the revolting attacks through the foes junk-culture with controlling thoughts in a brainwash which try smoothing over it all as “fun and harmless”. A being like that can us only be seen to be incurable scum which thereafter will be rewarded with all that our honest repulsion and our cleansed love’s hate can manage to bring.

Anyone who still hasn’t managed to understand to what purpose and reason our owned worlds foes should so desperately wish to hide their low and filthy heritage and lie about their plan should have their answer clear and overly clear: They are our foes.


It has been produced unthinkable large amounts of false “information and proof” against The Gods remaining basic and truthful answers to our world.

Our foes’ meaningless non-religions and consciously defect ideologies have with its comically wrongful “theories” about our lives source screamed out of their massive propaganda as if that could be about obviousness’s. This aims a daily undermining and deadly weapon against the presently warped societies and against humanity as a whole.

(We know all too well that the foes want to claim that The Gods and Viet wrought apart their filthy scribblings; something that in the foes’ wishes would encompass that they shall be seen at least in words could be partly “innocent” to all what they have done against humanity… As if their stolen existence and stolen words could hold any value in our world. All can by the foes still be counteracted with empty words, which soon will get its unsuspected solution.)

The often clumsy manipulations regarding our world’s history; that of course circle around to prevent The Gods and our own lives only inherited reality, controlled by the foes down in the lowest “spirit world”. Non-truths are manufactured and placed out in the conscious purpose to bring forth a hidden and overtly clear murder weapons against our awakened consciousness and thereby against our lives. If one does not even know who oneself is, so can there of course not be any possibility to any normal honourable behavior or any real self-esteem, or even to reach to the minimal that is demanded every human for their own survival. Lives which are undermined by the foes lying are passivated in the War and are sadly completely worthless.

Viet have in vain searched after to counteract the false history writing that now is controlled by the foe from their unwanted and with violence settled temples, unwanted governments and other such filth in these non-societies, something which the larger part of this world have been tortured under since hundreds of years back. The false history writing gives a twisting and leaving out of history, it misinterprets consciously or is steered on with the aid of those ignorant in a long repeating line, forming false illusions that become to memories to carry around for the naïve, and much more that makes a lot in existence in our world filthy, uninteresting and dead. That either history writing or science can reach up to “the hidden knowledge” and “The Higher Art” with any kind of “empiric proof” is a matter on its own.

(It is not my given or wished for task to collect our world’s history with all its life-giving and glad occurrences regarding The Gods several new times in this world and much more. That matter is left for others. My given and taken on task is to support and show much of the already passed and presently occurring; and at the same time be teaching the current and near age some general realities in my own chosen way and thereby take part in leading forward the forced transition period; that will thereafter take us up to The New Time.)


Viet have clear sight and Truth as weapons in the War of all Wars, and inside our Tru and Culture there is since long enough with Truth given to all beings to freely be able to understand Reality and take their steps away from their lack of might.

The solution is the simplest imaginable since the higher and real humanity first was brought in to our world: The Worlds, The Gods and humanity exist. After that insight there is only One path to wander.                                                      

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