The well-known forced upon betrayal against our Gods and Life itself shaped the Middle-period and “parenthesis” we are still left in, and it is as most know or suspect; as far placed away from anything wished or self-chosen for the people that can be imagined here in Odin’s owned world. Tru, that means, all our lives and the heritage from the Gods, is just a little start to unwind clean in the world’s collective conscious and our history. Many have evidently not managed by their own to understand the most obvious; that outside the Gods protection a human is left without rights and is unprotected.

Any kind of consideration is since long ago not available to grant this world’s foes with and it has not appeared any extenuating circumstances in the War. What we all too clearly see, and since hundreds of years back have been forced to look at is; “a scorched earth warfare.”; a plundering, a usury and a heart-breaking degradation of all of our countries and cultures that been placed under manipulations that surpass all comprehension and common sense among most. In first hand Europe and “the western world” has been, and still is, undeniably most used up and at the same time the strongest weapon for the foes to parasite on; to break down and turn against our other high cultures in our world. It has far too long been a real misuse and division inside and against each other under a systematic brainwash. This is all undeniably parasitic and extreme; it is a psychical and physical outrage against all parts of the world that have no counterpart in history and it is at the same time told inside that sickening Illusion to be normality; a natural and a human progression. No. Nothing could be more wrong.

This world’s degradation can hardly get much worse. The foe has in advance; before the New Time will occur, fooled large parts of the world that they are their “friends” and “saviours”. Of course they are fully aware that if people knew that the Gods exist then their time here would be gone with the wind. And, it is just this mentioned fact the foe readily strives after to conceal and try to hinder reach into the collective awareness. The whole joke has now so long been spreading around and has so far been carried through that it has like an accepted wrong been left at peace as being over-powerful to question; this notwithstanding the fact that it merely leads downward to the degradation and the following genocide we all clearly can watch. That someone for a second could have placed any kind of trust with our foes silly stories and filthy non-teachings proves this world something unavoidable; humanity is completely without might outside the Knowledge: The Knowledge of the Gods.

The purpose, with the seemingly and easily exchangeable and varied “plan” the foe is directing is to reach our full degradation and thereby our death. They do not know of any honour, love or rights; other than as tools to use for advantages for their dirty egoism and defect existence. All these meaningless “ideological” conflicts and wars, the continuous attacks, all this forced on must end to be placed at the wrong address. The guilt the foe has to the Gods and humanity is already unimaginable and can never be repaid.

The War continues in the daily life for the unknowing in a tragically little comical charade about “peace and progression”. Many are forced down and broken under thraldom to become “open and receptive in their mind” to what they would never wish for themselves and really don’t have any kind of free or own will to be part of. These made into tools do not have any clue about what the War of all Wars encompasses and thereby not anything at all of any real value; these victims will sadly suffer hard for a period under their awakening to the realities of the New Time in our New World.

The foes weapons consist partly of pornography in the shape of infamous and well-known filthy literature which they have forced upon our world to reach a larger distribution than anything else on this earth. Furthermore, there is a spreading around of confusing opinions and teachings; the so-called rotten “ideologies”, which are made to seemingly compete with their other nonsense-teachings. All this dumbness shapes the current non-cultures and the propaganda becomes after its coercion and repeating; a final un-reflected and normalized “truth” to hold down the naïve with. All this is for a temporary benefit for their three sick teachings in the shape of so called “monotheism”, which as we all know forms an extreme weakness in the mind. (It is completely understood that the altered words hidden and original meaning in the futile and basic code they sneak behind is counted with here.) In their normal order they have infected and largely destroyed our languages for this needless and dirty purpose. Not forgetting to mention the immature manipulations in our languages.)

Well, this all too transparent intelligence which can only steal and use and thereafter make the already thoughtless and weak into full-blown ignorant is already hated by large parts of this world, but still far from hated enough. The foe has all too easily sat below and controlled these stricken and emptied on sense in their minds after their own pleasing. But, it is near its end now. This Middle-period with its low life stuck in falseness and insane imagination wishes Viet to be dead and gone. It would be highly wished for to ban dumbness, especially when this dumbness that rules among the scum is not even aware of the Gods and Reality and dumbness will be their death. Any difference on any of our foes “teachings” that spread around its meaningless opinions like a turncoat needn’t be made. The result is evidently just some kind of complete imbecile without any right inside with death as the only hope for a future. The foes non-teachings inside these jokes that claim to be “religion” and “politics” etc. will all become what they in Reality have been all along; a nothing, as the Knowledge returns with real might to our world.

The well-known tries to blame the Gods for their own filthy work; when they in the present have a fully-proven and all too large control over all the low-life behaviours in this world, will continue to be just ridiculous survival tactics and propaganda when firmly set against the undeniable fact that it is the Gods own blood that is being used, deranged and slaughtered in the War. That some kind of “choice” could possibly be to find between accepting or throwing off the Gods existences and rights to fit the perverted trash that has taken on Odin’s name “God”, as well as the names of “angels” etc. Then letting morons believe that they in spite of Godan and the other Gods still have a kind of “all functioning might” is nearly too silly to be forced to mention here… Remember and know that we fight with the Gods against our foe Surt. Anything other than that is nonsense and useless.

What Viet right now is down in is far worse than what the nearby future will contain with a harder life and battles in our countries. It will undeniably be a fresh breeze of relief that then and thereafter finally getting our lives full worth and becoming real and worthy people. For many this will be their first time being anywhere near becoming a free and knowledgeable human; this so awarding and obvious state to live in. For us that lived in past lives; with that said is far from given to all beings here, we really need to lead in the New Time. We will let that rotten Middle-period between the Gods holy times, known as “the parenthesis” in our world’s history be a sorrow and for full contempt for all coming times. (That is if our future will be able to find anything of its meaninglessness and filth left in its memories.)

Outside the Gods protection there is just suffering and death in wait. The War is inseparable from our lives. It is time to start our own lives.


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