The Gods exist. (May be not to everyone’s wishes and imagined images.)

Humanity exists and their heritage is mostly completely from the Gods.

The Worlds exist and are obvious physical realities.

The War exists and is nothing more or other than for the Right and Might.


We are all in the War of all Wars and no one is an exception from participation in this fact.

The Gods or any other kind of “beings or entities” can of course create any matter other than to duplicate their blood, their own “branches”. (May be that you can with a force move matter around, which surely would fool someone’s unknowing eyes regarding that “creating” matter from nothing is possible…) What was done by the Gods in the formative times is that the Worlds were “timbered and shaped”; including this world. The reincarnated are a relatively exclusive few and most are not reincarnated, which the non-reincarnated can be very glad for; by not getting that extra luggage.

”Beings and entities”, as for example “little people” are also human. If it looks somewhat like a human, then it is a “human”. (Some written about beings doesn’t exist, if that now needs to be clarified.) Life; freedom, functioning intelligence, clean emotions, lust and will, all this can only find a real and worthy existence inside the Knowledge. The cause to the War of all Wars is the might over the Worlds, naturally with Odin in the centre.

The War works itself inside everything that own enough influence for controlling humanity with: The most ridiculous claims are comically enough upheld at the present as believable in large parts of the world all the while Reality; Life’s Reality’s, is held to be mythical or untrue and to be ignored. This will change. Old rewritings and guessing’s about our world’s history places unpleasant claims on being scientific and calls itself “research”, and earlier even as “enlightenment”; thereafter leading forth the present degeneration into trap after trap. It really is no coincidence that the most important in Life is kept away from people with this world withheld from the Knowledge; as this is humanity’s only path.

The occurring and steadily nullified opinions in these so-called politics, religions, science and other types of meaninglessness that shaped itself inside the Middle-period’s retarded state will naturally die when proven preposterous; when set in the holy light of the Gods existence. Those deeply defect non-teachings are mere weapons at their core, of which none of course are worthy enough to be given any separate name as they are all truly ridiculous and completely worthless for our lives. The “new” weapons of stolen words the foe will set up here will in the breaking point into the New Time will instantly be to scorn as their credibility here in Midgard will remain in a helpless and complete Nothing.

The still occurring slaughtering of the people, the manipulations of our world’s occurrences and history, the words altered meanings and outspreading of fake information regarding the Gods and humanity’s heritage is more than serious. This more and more gross state in our world will be denied to exist by the victimised for starters… In the beginning of the New Time and its breakthrough will the egoism and survival-tactics laid down in the ignorant layers among the people force them to feel attacked instead of being able to realize that it is Life that is offered.

For in a wishful thinking that have with nonsense been mixed in with filth has the brainwash been normalized in the controlled countries to the extent that it is soon near impossible to speak of any human dignity to be able to rehabilitate for many: These persons, that was or are still beneath the foes direct command to live in their un-necessary suffering and the highest degree of unjustified degradation are of course completely without any of their own guilt. It should here be added that if anyone will take part of our foe in any way; they do have the foes tremendous debt and guilt to pay.

The trained-in dumb behaviours give a non-consciousness and it was not near any real freedom and their normal human behaviour. This hands over to us that these people are hard to judge personally for their dumb immoral acts. The whole ordeal is still frightening and heart-breaking. As an always present rule for these fooled individuals, let us fondly call them for “the temporarily unhinged”; rules that Truth is their exact opposite and foe. May be that Truth of the Gods has been muddled here, but still it remains all too clear for anyone who would search. Here is your first and last help: Understand the Knowledge.

Also remember that it is a fact, impossible to deny for anyone, that there are seemingly “ideological” battles that bring forth behaviour leading straight into this degradation that we all can see. To find who leads this on is almost too easy to see.

It is often taken as a provocation to know things others are unaware of, and in the brainwash it is always included a built-in defending of the “own” false and worthless “sub-identities”. But, what we initiated actually does know and what others don’t know cannot be avoided to tell apart. Whatever the foe want to portray about our existence lacks us all real meaningfulness for the now and the future. The foes time is to be viewed as over.

It is the foes power game with words we have to break down. Which really are us a petty bagatelle, with a thought on the soon again most well-known fact in the world:

Odin owns this world.


We will re-establish the progression that is intended for this world.

We will meet in Ragnarok.


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