Viet: The Gods and the Gods’ Truthful are alone holy in our world. How this world would be without our resistance can be observed in the most rotten parts of this world.

(I’ve had a non-active part in the resistance and the building up during my forced upon absent-minded periods, but it is hardly petty things that have been done by this signer here and there in my awake periods. More about this you will get to find out somewhere else.)

I’ve lived the larger part of my life in waiting; somewhat according to the rules that are set up for the War of all Wars. My life’s gain, from my attacked position, is that I through experiences from my own life do know how to take oneself away from many of the problems to solve that now await a large number of people: All these unnecessary hardships and conceptions that many will have to fight with from having being set at zero and unknowing. This is for many in this world to get through now and then reach back up to human dignity again.

Sadly, there are no facts or any allegations that cannot be questioned by empty words and repulsive rhetoric, but all of my words will be proven.


The infiltrations that have been made and are still occurring in all of our countries societies with propagations of nonsense and opinions as weapons that try to let it shine that the foes stolen positions of might are as if it was them a given right… Many do know that their fantasy of their “might” here fully builds on their usage of the weak; that is the perverted and insane, to carry out their perverted and insane propaganda.

During The Clearance that now is expected our foes and their low-life aims, together with the manipulations that dragged this world down into their filth, will come to be set under holy light with over-explicitness.

The foes “angels” and other equal sub-human scum can very well say that they follow the Viet’s aspirations, claim to have somewhat decent morals, execute little deeds that short-sightedly may seem positive, but what immediately must be said is that these are always unwanted and unnecessary; truthfully harmful for all higher and normal Life. What as a rule always happens is that they will place themselves as their own foes and thereby paralyze the weak minds to carry out what the foe wish for. It is frightening to observe. It is also frightening to watch a majority that cannot see so apparent manipulations. I advise you to not continue let yourself be amused by any excuses or empty “love” explanations down in their Illusion. Have it in clear sight that they are searching after ways to exterminate us.

The usage of the weak to be weapons aimed at the heart; false and twisted “feelings” and “love” became stuffy weapons against the world meanwhile they are always referring to each other as if they could be authorities in order to force on this incestuous trade in front of many asleep and naive eyes. No, it is not really made for the sake to reach any quite useless money; which this naively has been deciphered to be, and with lying often been told is the case… There is a War there the foe right now is fully awake and active, meanwhile most of humanity is dying in their slumber.

We needn’t soon emphasize especially hard against wrongful presumptions, false authority, guessing’s dumbness and infantile wishes. The doubt will come to fully be taken away when unfounded and conflicting information about life get their Solutions through the Knowledge. Our lives true core will be returned to all of humanity.


The confusion of ideas from many of our words’ altered meanings sadly show us who has taken the parasitic controlling state of this world. And, it is a petty and meaningless might in principle, but it does clearly show the foes insane motives to control petty things and feel superior with their empty words: The cowardly parasites’ main weapon. As if anything they could do would be us unknowing…  It is all to use and demand a preservation of the lies they sorely need for their illegal existence. Their conscious forgeries in code with altered words shall show their “new truths” already written down in the old. Will we be fooled to find this to be a superior intelligence at work? Pathetic.

That the foe will be able to change from being the undoubtedly lowest in all valuable aspects with words to being great, somewhat like an alchemist’s quest for gold in his faeces, is just a suicidal imagining.


Viet will protect the made into weak and dirty up to a certain point, but this may not be at any expense for the lives for the still clean and worthy. The fact that most of the foremost and the highest this world has ever seen will die for the lesser and much lesser in Ragnarok is revolting to me, but all that is good apparently has its time.

That many have had the stomach to serve themselves with a since long emptied collective honour and flatter themselves of the Gods deeds, as well as other known names in our history, without doing anywhere near enough of a sufficient resistance against the foe has shown itself being a very expensive ordeal for the state of the world:

Nobody is more than their name.



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