Much of the falsely said to be unknown for humanity will more and more show itself being the most known facts in our world since thousands of years back. The science that now exists is prevented from publish its full knowledge, and in other cases is left without capacity to measure the presence of “the invisible”, that is fully visible for some of us thanks to our abilities to see what others cannot see. And, we are not forgetting what the widespread dumbness manages to rule out and misinterpret…

The immediate future holds no real surprises. Attempts will be made with setting forth “other foes” that our foe can play and control; this for the very short-sighted purpose to get time to escape and try to relieve their final punishment. The lies they have survived on will be impossible to repeat, so you can expect new fakeries from their side; so notwithstanding how ridiculous statements they will try these must be left ignored and without any consideration. Just look at what their ridiculous lies and half-truths already has done against our world. Most likely they will pull out some cosmic perspective and “prove” anything with showing a UFO or something similar. If they show themselves as glowing and other things then laugh, as that really proves nothing. We have much more of highness and holiness than they can imagine. The foes’ filthy words will be hopeless here for all future and this world will be an open war on life and death, is preferable to us.

The resulting effects of presages in the foes’ different scribblings have sadly come true as calculated and desired for with millions dead in wars and many more incurably damaged minds. Words have since long ago been set against words and then turned around again and again; as if they could have anything equal here: These foes, that of course have no rights to say anything with our holy staves and words; or any right to breathe in this world. Ignore what is guaranteed to be filthy, false and deadly. Here’s a fitting place to point out that our Gods has not cared for predicting the future to any larger or more detailed extent as it will lead on to more confusion and wars, especially as it already have been so clumsily forged by our foes. To our foes it doesn’t matter as they have no concern for anything here and they don’t own anything in our world, and of course have nothing they could lose here. The stolen ideas that are spread around in large parts of the world have been forced upon many to carry with them daily, as it has been seen since long ago that seeing and stealing from future occurrences, as in right here and now and from forthcoming times, would benefit our foe up to this New Time. Very systematically has our world been plundered and twisted for any valuable information through this way of thieving in time. To refer to some poisoned “original texts” that the foe has touched, rewritten and forged, is quite meaningless. So complete is the control the foe has over the deranged in our world. They are double-dealing and twisting to pieces the unknowing with everything imaginable that humanity since ancient times was given here to have as fully understandable. There are also some newer scribblings with false presages that has been put together and left here to work as new traps for our thought and empty the world on our strength, on our intelligence and our lives.

Our cause will remain irrespective to what may come to be said: Viet will survive the War. How big this victory will be is still unclear for all beings. We must fight for a complete victory and this must now be done at any price and with whatever means necessary. There is in other words no reason at all to “debate” with scum no sane being could feel any respect for and that everyone must know deserves the worst imaginable death.

Our world is a warzone where junk will not be allowed to cover over Reality anymore.


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