I decided early on in my life to refuse contribute anything to this completely warped society built on lies; and its parasitic and warped egoism, or as little as could be. (May be that this insight was laid down subconsciously.) How many times I have laughed and been stunned by the now widespread illusions about humanity’s roots and our history at this present state in this world and finally teared up with grief is likely more than the hours I have lived.


Through these presently foe-controlled governments’ guidelines straight down to the “media” and reversed is the latest all-time low peddled. First the dumbness is presented as a joke through junk-culture to thereafter be directly sold in as an “alternative” to now be chosen from for the already confused, or rather non-existent, normality. All of junk-cultures calculating dung works in this way; it is often sold in with some “humour” and stuck on the hollowed eyed and ignorant. Through repeating it is thereafter premiered to the attested unwished and damaging behaviours that in the long run lead forward to certain death for the receivers. Nonsensical opinions and constructions filled with non-reality inside them are debated as if these are about real and important questions to take an interest in… The false “religion” (so-called judaism and their whore children made into weapons called islam and christianity.) and the thoroughly rotten ideologies void of all common sense in them are forced upon children and anyone dumb enough. Gradually has a condition been imprinted where the retarded and filthy are celebrated as normal and progressive. All critique is marked as “conservative” and “backwards”, which strangely enough is seen as something negative in comparison with the severely dumb, deranged and death-sentenced society people are forced down in to endure.

The foes pay their tools with promises in words, or money and others’ bodies, when their lying words about a good afterlife with them are not enough. Thereafter they visualize the most unwished behaviours that can be found to copy; this is fully aimed on counteracting the peoples own identities and scorn (!) all sensible thoughts on the Gods, the Knowledge, normal honour and decency. The victimized have been taken from their human value, which is truly far worse than being dead.

The low-life’s time of “greatness” through different media as being normative and carriers of immorality is in this moment of writing occurring and new ”role models” are quickly causing even lower behaviours and mind-weakness to copy. What could possibly be the gain in putting scum in control of people and whole countries behaviours to an unbelievable dumbness, with an extreme usury of weakness without any kind of concern? None for us, but for the foe is the winnings quite rich and our wished for death is creeping nearer hour by hour.

To find the obvious to understand for the Folk; that they are hated by our foe and that their lives are threatened seem almost impossible for many to realize as these cannot believe that they are hated without any allowed and approved reasoning… They know within that they are innocent, as if that would be enough anywhere… It is time to awake and act and find that the control over your lives is where the might in any society lies.

Little is found valuable enough to be kept from the non-cultures’ decades and nothing in the false constructions; in the future to come will it be a fleeing thought that extreme mistakes has passed by here and left our world.


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