(This article is a bit watered down and “meat and potatoes” as it was included in a somewhat “mainstream culture” magazine some months ago. If you find it enjoyable anyway, then feel free to tell me.)

But, I do scream: Stop dreaming! Nobody can be that dumb! Please! Open your eyes. Open your heart. Open your mind. Open your Life. (I say everything with capital letters as there are no other letters, you should understand this…)

“If you say this and do that, then people will not listen. They will imagine or pretend to know something, or rather everything, instead of actually learning.”

(Oh, I do know how brainwashing works. And, I acknowledge the existence of survival tactics. But, I do not practice any of it. And, I most certainly know right from wrong.)


I’m normal, some others are likely to say. Being normal in the lowest state of humanity ever, what a good effort… Copying what they are led to believe others are; without thinking clearly about it, deaf to gut feeling, left without having any real and normal abilities to know much about anything at all of real value, with their own will controlled and non-existent.

I see people that have closed their eyes in order to stay alive another minute in the horror this world has become and never near healthy enough to smell the stench of The Illusion around and in them. These fooled and shaped into the most retarded and dirty imaginable as that would really be a long standing modern normality… (See what words do to those that live as chicken brained perverts and fooled to believe they are doing something new? No?) Maybe you are living in a certain death that calls itself love and freedom where our parasites rules with words. With our words. Our life’s will. We must have Knowledge to be able to live.


I used to wander through countries and worlds, near here and far away. I still have all the memories past and future in Time. What others say will make no difference to me. I remember times when the Gods lived in this world, in times when Truth and normality lived inseparable. Times when people had to be strong and never would or could kneel for any scum. And that is what we all know happened. The thrown out from our world, the too well-known parasites, stole and used what they could find and scraped together their stories from that. It was made to suit the naïve or the downright dumb, and the weakened in heart and filthy in mind listened for any possible profit they could get for their ego; deaf to blatant lies that defile and murder Life.

The Gods came back to this world in time after time. They gave of their Knowledge, made the blood here and all higher cultures, assisted in all progression that later became dragged down or hidden in the War of all Wars.

The deranged and perverted “men” and “women” came to be and had no Truth, no real morals, and hence, there was nothing but madness, nothing of godliness in them to be found. Set under control to rape and murder, spreading around pornography in false books used as a weapon to degrade our world. They threatened and manipulated, held back all science, progression and Knowledge, erected ridiculous buildings on order by a parasitic wannabe-god that live on drinking the blood of Odin’s children. At the same time they are playing the blame game for their deeds on “others”, “them”, and setting themselves to be their own “ENemies…”. So was their charm and great plan. To take control at any cost and pretend they are higher up at any cost. That is how dumb, weak and pitiful they really are.

Truth, Knowledge and Reality was, believe it or not, hunted down and hated. Love and joy completely deranged or gone. Everything that was good and high made into ruins for too many. Those “men” and “women”, that we can call scum, will never win anything in a world that is not theirs to set foot in. Their children became freaks trained into acting like parasites, to be like their “leader”. It was if they were all drugged on the high words used, failing to see how utterly worthless they had become, not seeing the suffering and humiliation they caused humanity and Life itself. Many people had taken in by all these empty promises that made people dumb beyond belief, with empty and foul promises by their own foe who, quite naturally, never will or can give them anything more than grief, guilt and death for their deranged efforts that can only be called for what it is; organized mass murder. This world was set in dirty egoism, misplaced emotions and individuality for nothing, a defilement leading to suicide in the name of suffering for… Nothing. Or rather, that was all for a sub-nothing.

There was a real war set up in the minds with grandiose illusions, question after empty question with no answer to be found as it was all filled with nothing of Truth, or anything of any importance, or any kind of value to Life here or anywhere. There was a lie that kept on stealing Life itself from our world, a lie that even twisted the word lie and the word even, fouled everything truly good and used life here as a prostitute. Buildings was forced to be built on top of many of our sacred places in order to defile anything high and truly good, raised to the filthiest and lowest of all human beings, for that guy had written in a book that he had created everything (Pause for laughing.) and was wise beyond any human understanding (Pause for laughing.), that he could create immortality…, (Pause for a joyful minute for his upcoming death.) and he is oh so great and pretty… (I have seen that worthless piece of garbage without his silly make-up of shining light and he is as ugly as you can get. Well, not as ugly as his inside, but nothing is dirty enough to stand to be compared to that. I piss in his filthy mouth.) I not only sensed in this dream that the parasite teaching called mongotheism was stretching the Truth. I actually knew it was close to the exact opposite of Truth and Reality.


Whatever the sick have said for hundreds of years with those mirrored words that made no sense, trapped inside not caring or silly fears forcing them to stay alive with defending what they are told is the strongest might. (Pause for amazement.) Handing over their only life to become a worthless nothing; to a truly imbecilic foe claiming ownership and power over all poor brainwashed minds. Placing themselves together with the worst scum they are able to find to shape into control with influence in our world, to fill it with useless garbage so that any sane person would commit suicide. Now, that the dumb and deranged are set under control to “rule” and have influence throughout this world with their reward of getting used and then slaughtered, we all must have dreamt that there actually is a real problem to be solved that is the very cause of all wrongs in our world. (I really do wish this was propaganda and not a fact. But, Truth above all.)


I dreamt that the Gods watched and tried to help, but the foe in control have put all his effort on the claim that the Gods are mythological… Shocking. We are waiting for that moment when Freedom can be able to enter here again. That golden moment when the controllers of The Illusion clumsily tips it over, one time too many; and then it would become visible. When it all had been taken to such extremes that a good portion of humanity instantly would understand what was happening around them was not anywhere near a natural and free order. That moment has yet to enter here.

Outside of living with the Gods and Truth this nightmare described here is called “reality”.

Knowledge is evil only for the scum of the earth, as it will kill them all.

Life is only Life when freedom can exist.

A New Time will come.

I do not dream.



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2 Responses to I DO NOT DREAM

  1. Kenne says:

    You have a very interesting perspective and use of verbology. I agree with much of what you are saying. Truth and ‘the Gods’ will return in a cycle of the cosmos as they always do, and the fearful side of humanity will try to beat down their contributions. We can only control our perception of the illusion and not let it control our desires and thoughts. Thank you for shedding light on the cyclic evolution of humanity with clear words.

    • Thanks for commenting. Cycle of cosmos? The reincarnations are very hands on, it is more the tradition and it workd like this: When the child is old enough, usually around four or five years old, then the body from “the otherworld” can enter and a “fusion” takes hold. There is no other way to be “born again” or reincarnated.

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