Are you calling yourself free and thinking without much Knowledge of anything about Reality? Nobody is blaming you personally, but there is soon no chance left for slow thinkers and the conceited anywhere… As long as a large part of this world’s brainwashed believe that their own power is enough and no might is above them; then these will continue to sink down to the lowest of the Worlds to be punished, or just be left to die if they are lucky.


Our high cultures are far more than the small remains and ruins that we collectively managed to save from the foes’ filthy hands. Our born within and inherited cultures, or rather our Culture, as it is largely identical and set under different names in this world. (Just a very shallow existence or an extreme ignorant would fail to see that clearly.) The people in the good and high cultures were distinguished by consciousness, clarity and honour, so the constructed non-culture that came after that should have been impossible to carry through if the people had not had been threatened, forced and murdered. This is a well-known fact and a very obvious insight among most, but still it is avoided today among weak when there is spoken of our revenge and justice! Our lives are not others’ game.

Nowadays must obviousness as that the Gods exist get a foothold in all societies…


I am asked sometimes about places where you could meet forefather-spirits, or see a being or an entity. I do know where, but that is not something one should give away. Regardless if you get the mixed pleasure to meet some of these or not, it is of importance that you will never see or meet spirits, beings or entities, if these do not wish that happening for their own purpose. Now drag some rich and real conclusions out of this. Trust in nothing that is unknown.

I have also been asked about how reincarnation works. With the choice of a reincarnation is the bloodlines followed down through the kindred lineages. Relatively few are returned here, but in this time many more than usual are here for this awaited breaking-point in time.

When it comes to Godar, shamans, and a few others with higher knowledge; it is quite like inside our very own blood in that there is a gathering of Knowledge from many of the Worlds. (This doesn’t mean they would know all there is, or even what is right.) The Knowledge is constricted by the Gods and their closest to spread. The Warriors will naturally always be the highest valued in existence, here meaning the hidden and real reincarnated teachers.


The Truth behind most of the wars, starvation catastrophes, “natural” catastrophes, spreading of sickness, the forced migration of different people, the controlled governments, all this and much more to it that is affecting our world in general is a must to regain our rightful and complete control over. Our will to take back our own might is the key. The accessories to the attacks against our world are to a large part unknowing of what they have realized and often don’t know nearly enough to see the comprehensive Reality.

The War is soon out of its words. Force and might will stand alone until Ragnarok.


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The Gods exist. (May be not to everyone’s wishes and imagined images.)

Humanity exists and their heritage is mostly completely from the Gods.

The Worlds exist and are obvious physical realities.

The War exists and is nothing more or other than for the Right and Might.


We are all in the War of all Wars and no one is an exception from participation in this fact.

The Gods or any other kind of “beings or entities” can of course create any matter other than to duplicate their blood, their own “branches”. (May be that you can with a force move matter around, which surely would fool someone’s unknowing eyes regarding that “creating” matter from nothing is possible…) What was done by the Gods in the formative times is that the Worlds were “timbered and shaped”; including this world. The reincarnated are a relatively exclusive few and most are not reincarnated, which the non-reincarnated can be very glad for; by not getting that extra luggage.

”Beings and entities”, as for example “little people” are also human. If it looks somewhat like a human, then it is a “human”. (Some written about beings doesn’t exist, if that now needs to be clarified.) Life; freedom, functioning intelligence, clean emotions, lust and will, all this can only find a real and worthy existence inside the Knowledge. The cause to the War of all Wars is the might over the Worlds, naturally with Odin in the centre.

The War works itself inside everything that own enough influence for controlling humanity with: The most ridiculous claims are comically enough upheld at the present as believable in large parts of the world all the while Reality; Life’s Reality’s, is held to be mythical or untrue and to be ignored. This will change. Old rewritings and guessing’s about our world’s history places unpleasant claims on being scientific and calls itself “research”, and earlier even as “enlightenment”; thereafter leading forth the present degeneration into trap after trap. It really is no coincidence that the most important in Life is kept away from people with this world withheld from the Knowledge; as this is humanity’s only path.

The occurring and steadily nullified opinions in these so-called politics, religions, science and other types of meaninglessness that shaped itself inside the Middle-period’s retarded state will naturally die when proven preposterous; when set in the holy light of the Gods existence. Those deeply defect non-teachings are mere weapons at their core, of which none of course are worthy enough to be given any separate name as they are all truly ridiculous and completely worthless for our lives. The “new” weapons of stolen words the foe will set up here will in the breaking point into the New Time will instantly be to scorn as their credibility here in Midgard will remain in a helpless and complete Nothing.

The still occurring slaughtering of the people, the manipulations of our world’s occurrences and history, the words altered meanings and outspreading of fake information regarding the Gods and humanity’s heritage is more than serious. This more and more gross state in our world will be denied to exist by the victimised for starters… In the beginning of the New Time and its breakthrough will the egoism and survival-tactics laid down in the ignorant layers among the people force them to feel attacked instead of being able to realize that it is Life that is offered.

For in a wishful thinking that have with nonsense been mixed in with filth has the brainwash been normalized in the controlled countries to the extent that it is soon near impossible to speak of any human dignity to be able to rehabilitate for many: These persons, that was or are still beneath the foes direct command to live in their un-necessary suffering and the highest degree of unjustified degradation are of course completely without any of their own guilt. It should here be added that if anyone will take part of our foe in any way; they do have the foes tremendous debt and guilt to pay.

The trained-in dumb behaviours give a non-consciousness and it was not near any real freedom and their normal human behaviour. This hands over to us that these people are hard to judge personally for their dumb immoral acts. The whole ordeal is still frightening and heart-breaking. As an always present rule for these fooled individuals, let us fondly call them for “the temporarily unhinged”; rules that Truth is their exact opposite and foe. May be that Truth of the Gods has been muddled here, but still it remains all too clear for anyone who would search. Here is your first and last help: Understand the Knowledge.

Also remember that it is a fact, impossible to deny for anyone, that there are seemingly “ideological” battles that bring forth behaviour leading straight into this degradation that we all can see. To find who leads this on is almost too easy to see.

It is often taken as a provocation to know things others are unaware of, and in the brainwash it is always included a built-in defending of the “own” false and worthless “sub-identities”. But, what we initiated actually does know and what others don’t know cannot be avoided to tell apart. Whatever the foe want to portray about our existence lacks us all real meaningfulness for the now and the future. The foes time is to be viewed as over.

It is the foes power game with words we have to break down. Which really are us a petty bagatelle, with a thought on the soon again most well-known fact in the world:

Odin owns this world.


We will re-establish the progression that is intended for this world.

We will meet in Ragnarok.


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The well-known forced upon betrayal against our Gods and Life itself shaped the Middle-period and “parenthesis” we are still left in, and it is as most know or suspect; as far placed away from anything wished or self-chosen for the people that can be imagined here in Odin’s owned world. Tru, that means, all our lives and the heritage from the Gods, is just a little start to unwind clean in the world’s collective conscious and our history. Many have evidently not managed by their own to understand the most obvious; that outside the Gods protection a human is left without rights and is unprotected.

Any kind of consideration is since long ago not available to grant this world’s foes with and it has not appeared any extenuating circumstances in the War. What we all too clearly see, and since hundreds of years back have been forced to look at is; “a scorched earth warfare.”; a plundering, a usury and a heart-breaking degradation of all of our countries and cultures that been placed under manipulations that surpass all comprehension and common sense among most. In first hand Europe and “the western world” has been, and still is, undeniably most used up and at the same time the strongest weapon for the foes to parasite on; to break down and turn against our other high cultures in our world. It has far too long been a real misuse and division inside and against each other under a systematic brainwash. This is all undeniably parasitic and extreme; it is a psychical and physical outrage against all parts of the world that have no counterpart in history and it is at the same time told inside that sickening Illusion to be normality; a natural and a human progression. No. Nothing could be more wrong.

This world’s degradation can hardly get much worse. The foe has in advance; before the New Time will occur, fooled large parts of the world that they are their “friends” and “saviours”. Of course they are fully aware that if people knew that the Gods exist then their time here would be gone with the wind. And, it is just this mentioned fact the foe readily strives after to conceal and try to hinder reach into the collective awareness. The whole joke has now so long been spreading around and has so far been carried through that it has like an accepted wrong been left at peace as being over-powerful to question; this notwithstanding the fact that it merely leads downward to the degradation and the following genocide we all clearly can watch. That someone for a second could have placed any kind of trust with our foes silly stories and filthy non-teachings proves this world something unavoidable; humanity is completely without might outside the Knowledge: The Knowledge of the Gods.

The purpose, with the seemingly and easily exchangeable and varied “plan” the foe is directing is to reach our full degradation and thereby our death. They do not know of any honour, love or rights; other than as tools to use for advantages for their dirty egoism and defect existence. All these meaningless “ideological” conflicts and wars, the continuous attacks, all this forced on must end to be placed at the wrong address. The guilt the foe has to the Gods and humanity is already unimaginable and can never be repaid.

The War continues in the daily life for the unknowing in a tragically little comical charade about “peace and progression”. Many are forced down and broken under thraldom to become “open and receptive in their mind” to what they would never wish for themselves and really don’t have any kind of free or own will to be part of. These made into tools do not have any clue about what the War of all Wars encompasses and thereby not anything at all of any real value; these victims will sadly suffer hard for a period under their awakening to the realities of the New Time in our New World.

The foes weapons consist partly of pornography in the shape of infamous and well-known filthy literature which they have forced upon our world to reach a larger distribution than anything else on this earth. Furthermore, there is a spreading around of confusing opinions and teachings; the so-called rotten “ideologies”, which are made to seemingly compete with their other nonsense-teachings. All this dumbness shapes the current non-cultures and the propaganda becomes after its coercion and repeating; a final un-reflected and normalized “truth” to hold down the naïve with. All this is for a temporary benefit for their three sick teachings in the shape of so called “monotheism”, which as we all know forms an extreme weakness in the mind. (It is completely understood that the altered words hidden and original meaning in the futile and basic code they sneak behind is counted with here.) In their normal order they have infected and largely destroyed our languages for this needless and dirty purpose. Not forgetting to mention the immature manipulations in our languages.)

Well, this all too transparent intelligence which can only steal and use and thereafter make the already thoughtless and weak into full-blown ignorant is already hated by large parts of this world, but still far from hated enough. The foe has all too easily sat below and controlled these stricken and emptied on sense in their minds after their own pleasing. But, it is near its end now. This Middle-period with its low life stuck in falseness and insane imagination wishes Viet to be dead and gone. It would be highly wished for to ban dumbness, especially when this dumbness that rules among the scum is not even aware of the Gods and Reality and dumbness will be their death. Any difference on any of our foes “teachings” that spread around its meaningless opinions like a turncoat needn’t be made. The result is evidently just some kind of complete imbecile without any right inside with death as the only hope for a future. The foes non-teachings inside these jokes that claim to be “religion” and “politics” etc. will all become what they in Reality have been all along; a nothing, as the Knowledge returns with real might to our world.

The well-known tries to blame the Gods for their own filthy work; when they in the present have a fully-proven and all too large control over all the low-life behaviours in this world, will continue to be just ridiculous survival tactics and propaganda when firmly set against the undeniable fact that it is the Gods own blood that is being used, deranged and slaughtered in the War. That some kind of “choice” could possibly be to find between accepting or throwing off the Gods existences and rights to fit the perverted trash that has taken on Odin’s name “God”, as well as the names of “angels” etc. Then letting morons believe that they in spite of Godan and the other Gods still have a kind of “all functioning might” is nearly too silly to be forced to mention here… Remember and know that we fight with the Gods against our foe Surt. Anything other than that is nonsense and useless.

What Viet right now is down in is far worse than what the nearby future will contain with a harder life and battles in our countries. It will undeniably be a fresh breeze of relief that then and thereafter finally getting our lives full worth and becoming real and worthy people. For many this will be their first time being anywhere near becoming a free and knowledgeable human; this so awarding and obvious state to live in. For us that lived in past lives; with that said is far from given to all beings here, we really need to lead in the New Time. We will let that rotten Middle-period between the Gods holy times, known as “the parenthesis” in our world’s history be a sorrow and for full contempt for all coming times. (That is if our future will be able to find anything of its meaninglessness and filth left in its memories.)

Outside the Gods protection there is just suffering and death in wait. The War is inseparable from our lives. It is time to start our own lives.


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Viet: The Gods and the Gods’ Truthful are alone holy in our world. How this world would be without our resistance can be observed in the most rotten parts of this world.

(I’ve had a non-active part in the resistance and the building up during my forced upon absent-minded periods, but it is hardly petty things that have been done by this signer here and there in my awake periods. More about this you will get to find out somewhere else.)

I’ve lived the larger part of my life in waiting; somewhat according to the rules that are set up for the War of all Wars. My life’s gain, from my attacked position, is that I through experiences from my own life do know how to take oneself away from many of the problems to solve that now await a large number of people: All these unnecessary hardships and conceptions that many will have to fight with from having being set at zero and unknowing. This is for many in this world to get through now and then reach back up to human dignity again.

Sadly, there are no facts or any allegations that cannot be questioned by empty words and repulsive rhetoric, but all of my words will be proven.


The infiltrations that have been made and are still occurring in all of our countries societies with propagations of nonsense and opinions as weapons that try to let it shine that the foes stolen positions of might are as if it was them a given right… Many do know that their fantasy of their “might” here fully builds on their usage of the weak; that is the perverted and insane, to carry out their perverted and insane propaganda.

During The Clearance that now is expected our foes and their low-life aims, together with the manipulations that dragged this world down into their filth, will come to be set under holy light with over-explicitness.

The foes “angels” and other equal sub-human scum can very well say that they follow the Viet’s aspirations, claim to have somewhat decent morals, execute little deeds that short-sightedly may seem positive, but what immediately must be said is that these are always unwanted and unnecessary; truthfully harmful for all higher and normal Life. What as a rule always happens is that they will place themselves as their own foes and thereby paralyze the weak minds to carry out what the foe wish for. It is frightening to observe. It is also frightening to watch a majority that cannot see so apparent manipulations. I advise you to not continue let yourself be amused by any excuses or empty “love” explanations down in their Illusion. Have it in clear sight that they are searching after ways to exterminate us.

The usage of the weak to be weapons aimed at the heart; false and twisted “feelings” and “love” became stuffy weapons against the world meanwhile they are always referring to each other as if they could be authorities in order to force on this incestuous trade in front of many asleep and naive eyes. No, it is not really made for the sake to reach any quite useless money; which this naively has been deciphered to be, and with lying often been told is the case… There is a War there the foe right now is fully awake and active, meanwhile most of humanity is dying in their slumber.

We needn’t soon emphasize especially hard against wrongful presumptions, false authority, guessing’s dumbness and infantile wishes. The doubt will come to fully be taken away when unfounded and conflicting information about life get their Solutions through the Knowledge. Our lives true core will be returned to all of humanity.


The confusion of ideas from many of our words’ altered meanings sadly show us who has taken the parasitic controlling state of this world. And, it is a petty and meaningless might in principle, but it does clearly show the foes insane motives to control petty things and feel superior with their empty words: The cowardly parasites’ main weapon. As if anything they could do would be us unknowing…  It is all to use and demand a preservation of the lies they sorely need for their illegal existence. Their conscious forgeries in code with altered words shall show their “new truths” already written down in the old. Will we be fooled to find this to be a superior intelligence at work? Pathetic.

That the foe will be able to change from being the undoubtedly lowest in all valuable aspects with words to being great, somewhat like an alchemist’s quest for gold in his faeces, is just a suicidal imagining.


Viet will protect the made into weak and dirty up to a certain point, but this may not be at any expense for the lives for the still clean and worthy. The fact that most of the foremost and the highest this world has ever seen will die for the lesser and much lesser in Ragnarok is revolting to me, but all that is good apparently has its time.

That many have had the stomach to serve themselves with a since long emptied collective honour and flatter themselves of the Gods deeds, as well as other known names in our history, without doing anywhere near enough of a sufficient resistance against the foe has shown itself being a very expensive ordeal for the state of the world:

Nobody is more than their name.



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Much of the falsely said to be unknown for humanity will more and more show itself being the most known facts in our world since thousands of years back. The science that now exists is prevented from publish its full knowledge, and in other cases is left without capacity to measure the presence of “the invisible”, that is fully visible for some of us thanks to our abilities to see what others cannot see. And, we are not forgetting what the widespread dumbness manages to rule out and misinterpret…

The immediate future holds no real surprises. Attempts will be made with setting forth “other foes” that our foe can play and control; this for the very short-sighted purpose to get time to escape and try to relieve their final punishment. The lies they have survived on will be impossible to repeat, so you can expect new fakeries from their side; so notwithstanding how ridiculous statements they will try these must be left ignored and without any consideration. Just look at what their ridiculous lies and half-truths already has done against our world. Most likely they will pull out some cosmic perspective and “prove” anything with showing a UFO or something similar. If they show themselves as glowing and other things then laugh, as that really proves nothing. We have much more of highness and holiness than they can imagine. The foes’ filthy words will be hopeless here for all future and this world will be an open war on life and death, is preferable to us.

The resulting effects of presages in the foes’ different scribblings have sadly come true as calculated and desired for with millions dead in wars and many more incurably damaged minds. Words have since long ago been set against words and then turned around again and again; as if they could have anything equal here: These foes, that of course have no rights to say anything with our holy staves and words; or any right to breathe in this world. Ignore what is guaranteed to be filthy, false and deadly. Here’s a fitting place to point out that our Gods has not cared for predicting the future to any larger or more detailed extent as it will lead on to more confusion and wars, especially as it already have been so clumsily forged by our foes. To our foes it doesn’t matter as they have no concern for anything here and they don’t own anything in our world, and of course have nothing they could lose here. The stolen ideas that are spread around in large parts of the world have been forced upon many to carry with them daily, as it has been seen since long ago that seeing and stealing from future occurrences, as in right here and now and from forthcoming times, would benefit our foe up to this New Time. Very systematically has our world been plundered and twisted for any valuable information through this way of thieving in time. To refer to some poisoned “original texts” that the foe has touched, rewritten and forged, is quite meaningless. So complete is the control the foe has over the deranged in our world. They are double-dealing and twisting to pieces the unknowing with everything imaginable that humanity since ancient times was given here to have as fully understandable. There are also some newer scribblings with false presages that has been put together and left here to work as new traps for our thought and empty the world on our strength, on our intelligence and our lives.

Our cause will remain irrespective to what may come to be said: Viet will survive the War. How big this victory will be is still unclear for all beings. We must fight for a complete victory and this must now be done at any price and with whatever means necessary. There is in other words no reason at all to “debate” with scum no sane being could feel any respect for and that everyone must know deserves the worst imaginable death.

Our world is a warzone where junk will not be allowed to cover over Reality anymore.


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I decided early on in my life to refuse contribute anything to this completely warped society built on lies; and its parasitic and warped egoism, or as little as could be. (May be that this insight was laid down subconsciously.) How many times I have laughed and been stunned by the now widespread illusions about humanity’s roots and our history at this present state in this world and finally teared up with grief is likely more than the hours I have lived.


Through these presently foe-controlled governments’ guidelines straight down to the “media” and reversed is the latest all-time low peddled. First the dumbness is presented as a joke through junk-culture to thereafter be directly sold in as an “alternative” to now be chosen from for the already confused, or rather non-existent, normality. All of junk-cultures calculating dung works in this way; it is often sold in with some “humour” and stuck on the hollowed eyed and ignorant. Through repeating it is thereafter premiered to the attested unwished and damaging behaviours that in the long run lead forward to certain death for the receivers. Nonsensical opinions and constructions filled with non-reality inside them are debated as if these are about real and important questions to take an interest in… The false “religion” (so-called judaism and their whore children made into weapons called islam and christianity.) and the thoroughly rotten ideologies void of all common sense in them are forced upon children and anyone dumb enough. Gradually has a condition been imprinted where the retarded and filthy are celebrated as normal and progressive. All critique is marked as “conservative” and “backwards”, which strangely enough is seen as something negative in comparison with the severely dumb, deranged and death-sentenced society people are forced down in to endure.

The foes pay their tools with promises in words, or money and others’ bodies, when their lying words about a good afterlife with them are not enough. Thereafter they visualize the most unwished behaviours that can be found to copy; this is fully aimed on counteracting the peoples own identities and scorn (!) all sensible thoughts on the Gods, the Knowledge, normal honour and decency. The victimized have been taken from their human value, which is truly far worse than being dead.

The low-life’s time of “greatness” through different media as being normative and carriers of immorality is in this moment of writing occurring and new ”role models” are quickly causing even lower behaviours and mind-weakness to copy. What could possibly be the gain in putting scum in control of people and whole countries behaviours to an unbelievable dumbness, with an extreme usury of weakness without any kind of concern? None for us, but for the foe is the winnings quite rich and our wished for death is creeping nearer hour by hour.

To find the obvious to understand for the Folk; that they are hated by our foe and that their lives are threatened seem almost impossible for many to realize as these cannot believe that they are hated without any allowed and approved reasoning… They know within that they are innocent, as if that would be enough anywhere… It is time to awake and act and find that the control over your lives is where the might in any society lies.

Little is found valuable enough to be kept from the non-cultures’ decades and nothing in the false constructions; in the future to come will it be a fleeing thought that extreme mistakes has passed by here and left our world.


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There is little point now just before the New Time to be digging down inside the mindless people of today, even less of a point in looking into any of the serious “psychological” issues that are living out there as normalized behaviour from a deranged and alien construction against our world where freedom and knowledge is non-existent for far too many. To really examine this world at present would find us nothing valuable or real human in the mainstream society. It is not a real human behaviour we would be looking at in these people: It is the sickness from the lack of Knowledge. Many have already been deprived of their life in this middle-age period where our foes have control and are left to die with deranged minds that scream when their brainwash is being touched. That is the current situation in this world for many millions. To avoid our reality will give severe problems in life, worse than you might wish to imagine. You should look into why you really need to care about this matter.


“Nobody knows this or that. There is no proof of this or that. This is how it is now. I don’t want any problems. I just want peace. I live in the now.” I have heard this and other weak and emptyheaded responses all my life, and I’m sure most of you have as well. I went around for over a decade and said things somewhat like this and did not bother to acknowledge that it was the surrounding controlled society that left me with this garbage as just words that never was examined; just dumb words to blur out in conversations.

Well, dearest people of Midgard, a few of us do know how reality here, there and above works. There is proof enough for the Gods existence for everyone to see. To claim that you can prove anything, as some do and I don’t, really would mean that this fact mentioned is proven, so size up to it. That the temporary society have a consensus demanding the victims to hold as true and “living in the now”, regardless its grandiose lies, they call it “democracy” and such nonsense. Why it is calling itself democracy will remain a mystery equal to why the most deranged people, the least free of all in the history of this world can call themselves “right-thinking” or “liberated”. That is truly unbelievable. I need proof that these people really do exist. If you don’t want any problems then at least solve them by being educated, and with educated I do mean with the important knowledge in this world, like how to survive, be a real human and be free, for starters. Sure, we want peace and gladness; unfortunately we are in the middle of a war where anyone that will be seated down in “peace” is a dead victim of war, left incapable of being a part of reality and will pay dearly for being slow in the head and dead in the heart. I want peace, which is what we all are alive for here, but war it will be until after Ragnarok is won.


With many now leaving it to our foes to think for them, while they are handed over delusional and plausible theories that are made to rot society. And, by not being able to understand that their “life” is actually lower than what any free and sane insect have in their life is intolerable. Inside the Illusion we call “society”, or “the mainstream consensus in the present world”; there is a twisted and denying defense for anything aiming for low and filthy that can be heard spoken in common low-life argumentation: “You are not better. Everyone has the right to do what they want. I like whatever they say likes me. What is low and what is high? Who’s to say what is right?” In a warped world, like the one we most certainly have on our hands at present, we can see that the most good-hearted are often hiding under what poses as evil. For in them, or us if you so wish, it would seem that is where they can belong now as the world is understood and felt to be extremely evil, and they’re right. This really is a war of right versus wrong.

Thing is that without being aware of life and how it functions will make anyone act retarded and become completely useless for life. The present “instant-gratification-thinking” that produced so many tiny minds must become impossible to return to, I know that humanity is worth more and are better than this present state. Not that many would want to see their family or friends being made to act retarded and perverted, at least that much heart we all should have inside us, but they’re left here helpless against our foes when they are refused to find Truth. I’m quite amazed when people think they are well off, that they are in “a progression at work”, yet still not able to see any of the occurring events in the world in the correct light. They find it normal that society is declining and dying as it would be their “destiny” or such nonsense, these will try to “prove” that it really is a progression by blanking out all that would prove them wrong. They do not know why anyone should care at all, as they do not find anything high and worthy in their own life. These are brainwashed into actually embracing the present junk-society as to oppose it would be evil, and that really is the lowest form of life anyone can “live” under. That they seriously believe they can identify with the constructions and lies that built them this graveyard of a society of plausible theories is insane. They are still clueless to: “Where do we come from?” This was answered thousands of years ago to everyone in this world and is the most known and important answer there is. I of course know it. Do you?

That there is technical and some other forms of progression made by a few of us, some of it with a little support by the Gods, cannot eat away the only progression that matters for our being; and that is human progression. Toys and devices is not human progression. Period.


The future is not completely set and done yet. We can see certain things in the future so clearly that they will happen no matter what, but for example the coming of the Gods about fifteen years ago “failed”. This was already seen thousands of years ago and still it did not happen. I know the reasons. Well, some of it did really happen in the shadows, most of it still unknown to this world. There was, and still is, a war for the control of Time and some well-known beings got killed.

Foreseeing the future is a simple art when you know it; seeing what might happen in time and dragging it back in through the mind from minds that will be there to see the future. It could leave depression and confusion, or extreme gladness and might, in society when a time is near, or told to be near…, something important happening. As you would find out from reading some history on this subject is that foreseeing time has been used as a weapon for thousands of years. We can see what could happen, what will not happen and what will happen. Our strength is that we are on the side of Gods that can control time, that we have access to higher and older beings than our foe and his allies, that we are healthy enough in mind and have the highest knowledge, and we recognize that the Aesir are the Fathers and Mothers of many beings all over this world and in other worlds. We have everything here. We must live in this Knowledge here.


What might be interesting to see is the actual future if our foes would continue to have any kind of control and influence over our world. If the Gods will choose to not arise, (There are reasons for that not happening. I know the reasons.) and with that nothing of value will come and bring in a higher life here, then this could very well be “life” in this world:

Truth will be hidden and branded as mythology except for the lucky few. Everyone outside these hidden and protected pockets of reality will be sleeping in a mind-control where they are trained to defile themselves, work for our foes in the most extreme and sick slavery and then die after a life of being less than nothing. They will say that the lies from our foes must be protected at any cost, false ideologies that are mindboggling and completely insane speak of “structures” and classes, that there is something wrong and evil within our blood that must be changed or murdered for the better of this world… They will separate any society with class against class to have no class at all left that had minds clean enough to fight our foes. Usury of people that are to live separated by forcing them on each other by forcing them in on other countries is causing all racism and hatred in the process. Anyone opposing this is of course “filled with hate, dumb and uneducated, a racist etc.” Propaganda has taken the place of sanity. The weakest filth will be able to be the strongest by being helped to parasite freely on society. The more low and unwanted the better as symbols of a world in change, when there of course is nothing new in it. The brainwashed are happy and content if they get to eat and have a nice bed to sleep in while they are being raped in mind and body as they are plundered of their properties. The brainwashed will happily help this rape and plunder as much as they can, because they are so good and understanding… Everything in the old books of lies must be true whatever happens. Not that they understand what it is written in them, then they would change in a second…

Men and women will be clueless to how real men and women should act naturally since long ago. They have been made into acting like scum that has nothing human; nothing male or female, in them. With the zero harmony it gives to behave like the joke picture of the opposite gender, especially in a deranged time where few know anything at all, will leave us all with a life with less and less of human value. Value! They scream; what is that? Value? This should give a hint on how good and great any kind of “natural selection” works in a world made defect. People with personal agendas will spread propaganda to fill their loss of egoistical status. Wishing that their inner perversions they suffer under to be viewed as the normality; their misguided venom and hatred for anything cleaner and higher than them will be intense. These messed up minds in their sad desperation will find nowhere to go. Everyone will know that there is something wrong, but cannot find any answers.

The foes response to complaining about their brainwash tactics is that we, not them of course, shouldn’t have any old and boring morals and silly values as it will lead to an unhealthy ladder of higher and lower in the world and bring upon suffering and death for… them. Meanwhile nobody is doing much of any real worth for our world. The empty void in everyone will be so huge that nobody will care for anything or anybody. If these used and abused are lucky they will be killed early on in their life.

Of course you have noticed that this is just like the present state of our world for many and most. There is no way to go in that filth; it is less than nothingness and murder. If you like that then go away and be dead today, save us from you. Why should anyone care about you if you don’t care about yourself or others? I will not be a robot with trashed emotions, no knowledge, slain by our foes with no future or hope, at least not without a fight. How about you?


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I could save you some years of hard work here and there if you would care to listen. I have studied the junk-society with my real knowledge for these last two decades. Correcting all the mistakes for “fun” in most of the written and unwritten material, looking at the propaganda from our foes in different constructions and lies, crying at and sneering at controlled debates in the media and much more… Rarely could there be found a thought that was worth thinking. Or a mind that could really think in this middle-age, it is sad but true. I already knew how the behind the scenes in this world work since long ago, but it really is worsening day by day. If your crime statistics can be constructed to say otherwise, then you don’t know what crimes I am speaking about here…

I took some “working vacations” and studied what is wrong up-close; also went and searched here and there a few times during the years. It gave less than nothing as it truly is a big nothingness we see in the mainstream society. Experience is overrated, believe me. Outside the Truth, that would be outside the Knowledge of the Gods and the worlds, there is just the made of dirt and their lies to warn this world about. Not that most people would listen and get their own life, as most of them are brainwashed into not caring for what is right or wrong; and as long as it’s not presented on TV as correct to follow. You have to talk nicely to these people or their ears will shut down. I will let others do that sweet talking. I will not bother with them in person anymore. I do care about these people at their core, I just cannot stand their current sickness, that is why I only write for the sane instead. You will not be seeing me on TV. I am way too high up for that.

The real New Age, or rather: New Time, is of course the Gods coming back here to Midgard, that is known as “Asatru”. That is more or less the explanation everyone need. There is no point in commenting on the matter much more.


Anyway…, let me just state that our foe surt is still forced to come up with something “new”: “A lie that is bigger than the Gods Truth”, as their filthy “monotheistic” weapons will be crushed completely and with it the retarded ideologies that went with the Illusion that was built on others trust and blood. No difference to be found anywhere in all crap they make, they become the same kind of scum pretending to hold water. Our foe is still trying out different lies inside the fake “New Age” to see what will do most damage to our world. When it all finally will fail they have at least spread around their names in it, a little here and there as it would be invisible where the whole “New Age-garbage” came from… Trying to force people to remember them, but this will gladly not happen anyway. The few thousand that still have a little interest in the ridiculous and fake “New Age” are left to look for loop-holes to explain away all the mistakes and lies they sell as venom. Explaining away anything would be quite easy for them as they live on their lying and twisting truth as their profession. We with Knowledge can safely say that there is nothing to be found in that stealing and misusing of the Gods worlds and cultures; owned as well by the people that had and have higher knowledge, twisting “New Age” into an untouchable mess for any sane being. Just avoid it at any cost.

The lies spread around in the fake “New Age” may for some look like “white lies”, as they’re there to prevent our foe from looking like the pervert and liar he really is, and making another fake foe, like they always do. This time it will be “from the stars”… By the way, we are life from the star called the Sun that gives this world its light. We are Sons of the Sun God and it is embodied in Odin as a symbol under various names in all our cultures. We come from the Star. The shining light that gives us all Life here; the Sun. Do you understand? The current ridiculous being they have promoted as being their foe for thousands of years is our foe, that fake will not be working for long anymore, I can promise you that. This present society is far worse than death to live in. It is keeping people from having any real honour and intellect and then calling it their free will and progression… And that has worked for our foe through the ages with different angles, which is just unbelievable… It is so unbelievable that it is the Illusion itself.

These are more or less still cavemen, as anyone can see, that we are speaking about who are greatly helped, and used by higher beings that try to invade and conquer our world. They do see people like objects and as “dirty animals” compared to their “greatness”; but they are not that big and great and they are as much part animal as any other “alien” or “human” out there. To imply that the Gods are alien beings from other planets is only partly true. Reality is that the Gods grown themselves deserving in a long tradition and have parented many other beings in other worlds at the same time. Much has come from this world that have aided and built other worlds. We are of course all part of alien and animal life through the Gods blood. Did anyone really not know that?

There is something very wrong with our foe and his “gen-ethics”, that is for certain. He owns absolutely nothing in this world and his only “creation” left here is the dirty seed through some “women” that he managed to rape in the past. Everything he uses is stolen; a filthy nothing that preys on others work and he will refuse to acknowledge and understand that he is just an inferior puppet. So, we must help jehobah understand this fact in his last days alive the only way he is able to understand. Do not feel sorry for him. Give that monster nothing.

(A “lie” is of course a scythe. Not to be confused with a Scythian… What we are speaking about here, and for convenience call a “lie”, is a non-truth. Just to let you understand.)


We all have one life to share and spare with us in our own life. Life is not some kind of a magical test that is just here to aid a bigger cause set above from the Gods… Forget that. We are not “paying” for any kind of “karma” in some kind of levelling of all life to be victims of being pitiful and mediocre in a positive and negative balance.

As an example from reality: If an accident happens, arranged to make the victim a complete fool by placing in visions that he can spread a message of the “light” he saw, it is just not reality. It is much like our foe and the geeky and faked “spirit possessions” they perform when it will seem to be needed for other causes; like strengthening all the lies they live on. A “spirit”, or in some cases a person with some powers or just some lent in powers, will pretend to be this invisible evil. It is often done in a comic book way, playing a charade out of useful boredom… Then they will get one of their so called mindless “priests”, or some kind of “new age-spirit-chaser”, to win over this “evil being”. It will prove what for this world? That they really are good and stronger than evil? Right… Never wondered why this evil nonsense they still are able to pull in our society and its attached junk-culture attract so ridiculously few? And that is what our foe really is fighting so hard? A bunch of dumb and insane freaks that extremely few wish to have anything to do with? They must really be insane those evil guys if they actually believe they stand a chance to win the War of all Wars… Well, it really proves they are on the good side against what must be the supreme evil, or in reality the supreme good; like We truly are. We are their “evil enemies”, of course. The difference is that we own this world and have all the rights here. Try some common sense and use it in all honour. It might be good to try it once or twice. While at it get a life living in realities.

Our foe will hide most of his evil in “good”. By that not only their tactic to pretend to be good, and training people to be false while getting increasingly sicker and extremely filthy on the inside and the outside from the lies they live in; in order to make even more weakness and evil deeds in their daily life and against our world. The main thing is that our foe actually do a lot that would to the ignorant mind seem to be good, on the surface that is. (The list is quite endless on these constructions to parasite. More or less they have taken complete control over many governments, companies, institutions, etc. These are unknowingly working for destroying countries and our own cultures from the Gods in order for a mono-non-cultural society to take shape that is helpless and cannot do anything right; the victims are incapable to fight anything at all. The junk-society is now completely powerless in reality and few worthy warriors are able to arise and defend our world. That is of course the plan of making people weak and dumb. It hurts me to say this: It is easy to murder this mono-non-cultural joke, or as the victimized call it: multi-cultural society, where no real culture is to be found anywhere. Already now the easy control is slaughtering inside this garbage society forced on “the western society”, and it is copied on the rest of the world for the same reason. China and India is next in line to be completely confused and used, making the men weak and the women into imbecilic whores. It is rotten to the core. People will now do whatever they are manipulated and led to; as long it’s considered normal for their identity… I personally refuse to call any of these kind of people human anymore, simply because there is too little real human left in their behaviour. Our foes are blaming all this filth in the world on the Gods. Well, someone really is doing this evil to our world. I am very sure it is not our Gods… It is calculated evil in progress. You have to know there is a plan behind to see what is very obvious. Our foe is a professional parasite on this world since a few thousand years ago when he was born. Especially the “western society” where he is inferior in all values you might think of; especially higher morals and beauty. His inferiority fuels his deranged hate as he is vain for no real reason. He has lied, used people, raped and murdered, to the extent that we all will know it as the worst horror and tragedy in the history of the universe. Anything else dwarfs to nothing in comparison to these crimes.


We choose to reincarnate in life’s that will seem to be the very best for us to live. At times the life we do get can get so bad that nobody would want to live in it, regardless what the gain would be. We do destroy others life’s and are getting our lives destroyed in the War of all Wars. Myself being a prime example of a destroyed life where many people close to me or just around me has been cursed, raped, violated and murdered. We are now forced down to be just the defenders more than the aggressors, but that must change soon or we are dead. It is so much easier to drag down than build up, which is sad. We are in a real war all around us and if you have not seen it by now; then you are a victim of it.

The reincarnated are targeted. They are easily the most valuable people as all of them have more life experience and “depth” in them and could, if not dragged down and hindered, make some real impact. But, too often they can get confused into believing whatever as their families will often get afraid of the new person suddenly appearing at age four or five, and this together with the society we have to live under, will soon be forcing them down to the average low-level of understanding and knowledge. One sad trick that is in progress inside the fake “New Age” is to make the reincarnated believe that we are from other planets…, and the state of this world makes that very easy to wish for, that our superiority in mind compared to most around us, can be given that plausible explanation. Thing is that most of the reincarnated do not remember much, and the little they do remember might as well be pictures planted there to spread a false message. It all depends on who you are. Having lived thousands of years can mean nothing at all if you forget it, or you just did not get to know much. I have had some extra help through the years and if there is anyone that will really doubt anything until proven, then that would be me. It can be preferred to not be reincarnated. I have really wished for that. Not carrying around an old name and problems from someone else.

Our friends and foes from other worlds that come here now and then, some doing the same tactic as people who are, or for some really obscure psychological reason wish to believe they are, reincarnated: “Please, do not see us as Gods.” Well, nobody has ever seen them as any “gods”, that is for sure… Everyone would see them as creepy looking freaks that will cause people to get shocked. Be it that some beings hide behind a stone in the woods or come in a UFO; we can be their brothers… Well, yeah, some of them can claim that they are our kin. Some others cannot have that honour.

Truth be told, my dearest friends, this world is at the moment behind in progression in many aspects as we all know it has been stopped by the foes of the Gods in time after time. We are not less in intelligence or progression than the other worlds in general; when we do get the Knowledge back that belongs to us in our world… Then, and only then, we will start to do some real good work.



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There will be no turning away from setting this world in its intended and rightful progression; acknowledging friend or foe. We are being attacked, so do not wonder why this currently twisted world is made to suit the lowest and most unwanted beings and why most of you are set up to work for them as their property. In the War of all Wars there is still work by our foe with taking away more and more of all higher Knowledge that is left here to find. The destruction of ancient findings, holding back science, forging of scriptures, backstabbing of our cultures, it is all still being made right now today. All kinds of higher knowledge, Truth withheld or on purpose “misunderstood” is not a joke. The reasons for this are never political. The reason is to conceal the Gods existence for as many as possible and thereby keeping this world deranged so that our foe can continue to murder without any complaints.


Reality is now close to gone from our world. Most people are filled with useless nonsense to the point that it’s a funny joke for our foes to play with these brainwashed and laugh at their products. It is all but humouring to have to witness the victims left with their silly hobbies, unnecessary psychological issues, perverted low-life “sexuality”, extreme junk-culture, and hatred wrongly aimed at themselves in a hopeless spiral of emptiness; awaiting a pitiful death. All this is sadly leaving behind nothing nowhere near any “human dignity”, or what a real human “naturally” should or could be inside and out. Hidden wide open and perfectly clear to see is that the world is being controlled and that nothing normal is going on in any society here. Our hated foes are making their last “winnings” before the new time enters; the weapons are wars and widespread filthy “religions” and ideologies causing defilement and death. For those thinking they will get by anyway and somehow be safe from the War of all Wars can rest assured that there is no hiding.

Many act on mind-controlled impulses like robots, the last thing we all personally want; maybe the last thing we would like to personally acknowledge. Having a hard time to focus, fighting with confused feelings and questions, rarely able to plan ahead or think correctly is now normal; and that is not normal… This is not just the product of some of our food and drinks that is manipulated to be a weapon to poison our bodies and minds. (You should know by whom by know.) Nor is it that the TV or computer in itself owns some kind of degrading effect on the mind. The reason is that our foe has a mind-control over the majority of people with the help of his prostitutes and perverts, that is “angels” and other low-life victims. They place the worst “people” that can be accepted as their fake “idols/ideals” in power. Then, of course, sit and play on the opposing side, as always, and of course “strongly” react against this and that with “high morals”, saying it really is Odin and the Gods playing the role of “the evil demons” that wish to kill all people in the world, so beware… To make these dumb people realize they are fooled by their own evil foe is ruled out, as it would mean the obvious fact that they are made into complete scum living in lies. That cannot be true, but it is. And, “the open-minded” (That would mean in translation from Retardedville language that you accept any kind of pointless filth, and at the same time are forced to look away from anything high, good or true. As in most things these “liberal democrat open-minded” are at their best just airheaded and narrow-minded jokes.

People in this temporary state of the world too often become what others believe they are, or rather what they are forced to be. Man has become the silliest imaginable bi-product of what he is forced to consume. All of these are believing they have ”free will” inside their brainwash, that they are following a correct and current history that is something so very natural and progressive! Meanwhile, the society will as a silenced down rule refuse to acknowledge the fact that it is “their own” messed up society that causes the majority to be severely psychologically ill and fooled beyond belief. (If the system is a complete failure, why should anyone keep them in power?) When insanity and perversion in mind now is normalized through fake ideologies and “religious” beliefs that only can be described as ridiculous and evil; and of course not needed or necessary, here to be practiced by many as the only “socially acceptable behavior”, then there is a huge problem to be, well… very easily solved. Just get the Knowledge about the Gods.

Take a look at any given society and see who it works for and against. Then add that there are many thousands working on “the great plan/pain”, most without knowing they cause their own and our downfall. They only care about carrying out orders and are fooled to believe they are important, orders given by what they apparently must think is a real “god”, who in turn wish them all and our world nothing good. They refuse to see they’re only doing masked evil and are at the moment not capable to see anything at all above ground. Well, the time when the best faker was the winner never was…

At this moment in time the lowest and filthiest, truly the least suited to be given any kind of influence, are fully supported to lead way and work as puppets (From “kings” down to head of state and way down to puny entertainment and media.) to control the mindless with lies and nonsense. Many will copy any dumb behaviour that will seem to give them advantages over others, it will be costly… It really is a complete horror around us. These controlled minds are led down to confuse our technical progression with human degeneration, which is just unbelievable… We can never really blame the dragged down, they did not have any access to any knowledge about life in general that would give them protection and a real choice of what free will or a real human life on the side of the Gods would encompass. This was all done from inside the temples of filth and lies that stand erected in almost every village and town around in most of this world at the moment. It is perfectly clear to most that society is under control for conducting behaviour and opinions, all these imagined and confused junk-identities. Looking back in history I doubt many can avoid finding people that already have had every kind of behaviour imaginable in different periods of time. There is no gain to anyone to be a dumb joke. Trust me on that. For anyone that still believe that this time between the Gods time was all about some kind of meaningless political reason or a question about money; that people are dragged into wars and junk like popular culture for no reason, really should open their eyes to the world now.


The social engineering and mind control have people waiting in line to be fed down their throats, but this will rarely hit home when being focused upon. Or does it for you? Well, these temporary constructions around on how to think, live and behave, will of course cease to be as soon as people realize that there is actually something valuable in life that they really need. Our societies will always be under someone’s control up to a point. So, we have to choose the right control for our own behavior and life.

In the very strange construction of separating love from sexuality, a weapon that our foe managed to spread around in the last fifty or so years on a larger scale; it is all too clear what the purpose is. Not only is the construction itself ridiculous, it is also dangerous as it dirties the mind and with it emotions like love and having a clean and healthy sexuality. The victims pose with really low-life values as it would be high and open-minded, so gone in the head that they have to fake their emotions and pretend to be “modern and progressive”… As we all (should) know; it is shaping these people to be empty, sick and filthy. If they knew how hard our foe works with separating, that means murdering European tribes with “yellow and black” by brainwash, direct forced mind rape and directly conducted physical rapes on order; everything imaginable to make low-life men wish for “real women” somewhere else in the world and the low-life women that nobody want to be free prostitutes to anything. This is the real sick racism by “Jehovah” in progress, more or less this is all of his “great plan” for the current world. I am not joking. He is murdering what he is very afraid of.

These kinds of constructions are made for the rotten to flourish and drag everyone down (More or less.) for a single reason: It defiles and kills. We see these emotionally rotten and dead that know their hardness in heart, not knowing it is just weakness. To dare call all this crap “the great plan” like our filthy little foe whore does is insulting to intelligence itself. The foes of the Gods wish to show that the world that it is not deemed worthy survival and break down all moral normality and our lust for life in the process. All this garbage our foe is producing, by stealing anything he can find and use, must become meaningless and forgotten.


That “low-life imbeciles” really are sought out and set in “power” is well-known, promised whatever they would want and can imagine… They will of course get nothing in the end. Or, if they are lucky, they can just get some visions in their minds which will work like a drug, so they really got something, those lucky guys… I mean, seriously, who really would want them in the long run? Would you? These, the least suited, are placed here to control you; it is truly a horror to witness. We must stop to look away. This is what happens when our parasites have control: It is worse than just death. It will be costly to clean out this world, but what is the alternative? To die like brainwashed filth in a world lost for all good and high life. It is enough with the children and female slaves they already have taken and used as their sex-slaves in their paradise for sub-human scum. All descendants from the Gods are of course not allowed to enter the filthiest of realms, if some of them are made into deranged fools that give their life away, then what can be done? I have met many of our foes, and I have seen their place. Their paradise is like a brothel filled with the ugliest and filthiest “men” you could imagine, the “women” are servants and sex-slaves, and the taste they have… It is like a caveman dreamt of what a perfect place should be, tacky low-class garbage, its exactly like what a new rich scumbag would do that knows deep down that he actually belongs in a cave guarding and molesting sheep, trying to impress people far over him with stolen goods that are expensive, but it is just a laughable mess. That some of them have learnt a way to shine, like the Norns do, is just not impressing to anyone with Knowledge… I find them all pathetic. Neither will it take away the fact that their “highest” are just black magicians, child molesters, haters of anything high and holy that they can never become, the little they have is all filth. That we, dogs as we are, part wolf to be more precise, are what they all feed on makes me sick. I long for the day when they are all dead.

You might think that for example that all these “terrorist attacks” over the years can only come from a deranged mind, it sure does. It is ordered by our foe to try to start a war between Western countries and “Arabic” countries. (There is more to it, of course, through controlled channels in media. Etc.) And, our foe is on neither side in reality, but controlling and sucking life from both. This parasite must be burned out of our world. He can of course never win, he does not have the power, but we must minimize the damage it causes. To lower myself down just to be able to speak about our foe and his dirt has taken years and years, but it had to be done.

The instigators of the junk-culture that “shapes” the scum of the earth are hard to catch in daylight, still they are there. It works like this: They have forced their way in with magic, tricks or stolen money to use media, politics and entertainment, selling dumb and sick people as their products on display so that their victims may copy what is “right” and gives “success” in society… In older times they used the same control through their churches, often with the most perverted they could find, or can make into a pervert, as a leader to spread sick filth into society. In reality they bring what nobody wants to the table, causing deranged extremity and sickness in a world they own nothing in. The completely unacceptable lies of our foe became “normalized” for the slow in mind many decades ago. Now it is time again for a new time, the first real change in a long time. Are we better than our foe? We own this world. There is no comparison to be made. We do not need or want to harm what we are.

If you take any kind of part of our foes crimes after really understanding what I have written, then you really should wish yourself to be dead and gone for our new time is near you.

Odin, of course, owns this world. And, if you by chance have missed out this fact; the most basic fact there is in this world, then how clever are you?


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